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The high-performing BocaFertility Clinic was the first in Palm Beach County to offer in vitro fertilization services. In the decades since their opening, the clinic’s original facility became too small to meet the demand for more staff and service capacity. The owner set out to upgrade the clinic by approaching our team for a full expansion and remodel.


Our task was great: we needed to conjoin the existing facility with the space next door, install a state of the art laboratory and operating suite, and wrap up by giving the newly expanded space a fresh interior look.

The goal was to create a modern clinic that could accommodate the most advanced medical technologies and provide patients with a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere to begin their journey to parenthood.


Because of the tropical climate in Boca Raton, the entire building had to be dehumidified before construction could begin. This was necessary to prevent dampness from becoming trapped in the structure or damaging any building materials. We installed dehumidifiers and quickly prepared the facility for renovation.

To provide patients with a superior level of care and safeguard the delicate fertilization process, the clinic’s update had to meet the highest standards. These strict conditions required our team’s optimum performance, particularly when building the lab and operating room.

We had to install a fragile medical gas line, which would be used to supply oxygen to reproductive cells and embryos. There could be no risk of contaminating the gas line, since failure would result in the clinic having to replace the expensive equipment entirely. Our team carefully quarantined the area, keeping it sanitary and safe. We successfully built around the gas line while preserving its pristine state, ensuring it’d be ready to use in the clinic’s procedures.

Building inspectors came in at every phase of the project, signing off on the construction developments and ensuring that the clinic met all standards for a contemporary medical facility. Our team took extreme quality control measures to guarantee that each step of the renovation would be executed to perfection.


By the renovation’s end, the clinic encompassed a single 5,200 sq.ft. facility. Its interior boasts a sleek, serene aesthetic, featuring engineered wood flooring, recessed LED lighting, and crisp white paint and moldings on the walls.

The spacious laboratory easily fits the clinic’s full collection of equipment, including several microscope stations and embryo incubators. In the operating suite, the layout is primed for smooth procedures thanks to comfortable patient accommodations and efficient accessibility of all medical equipment.

The client was delighted with the results, and especially pleased by the open communication we maintained throughout the project’s duration. By regularly checking in and involving the owner in each phase of the renovation, we were able to create a beautiful new facility that met every one of their goals.

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